What to Serve with Gumbo

Gumbo is a classic New Orleans dish that is rich, satisfying, and savory. Whether you’re serving chicken and sausage gumbo, seafood gumbo, or something in between, I have the best side dish ideas, appetizers, and desserts to serve with it!

Authentic cajun chicken and sausage gumbo with potato salad.

Gumbo is a hearty and rich Louisiana dish that is somewhere between a soup and a stew. It is made with a dark roux, the holy trinity, and chicken, andouille sausage, okra or seafood all served over white rice. If you’re wondering what to serve with gumbo, you’re in the right place!

Authentic Cajun Tip

In southern Louisiana, an authentic bowl of gumbo is mostly always served over white rice with a scoop of potato salad. I polled a group of Cajuns on what goes with gumbo and the other popular side dishes were French bread, sweet potatoes, and an ice cold beer

What Goes with Gumbo?

Below are the best appetizers, side dishes, and desserts that go great with a hot bowl of gumbo!

Perfect White Rice
You can't have gumbo without white rice! This stovetop method makes perfect fluffy long grain white rice every time, without a rice cooker. An essential if you're serving up some gumbo.
Perfect White Rice Recipe
Fluffy white long grain rice in a bowl with a spoon.
Cajun Potato Salad
Potato salad is another classic dish to serve with gumbo. Some people serve it on the side, but I like to add a scoop right into the gumbo itself. This cajun potato salad has a creamy dressing of mayo, creole mustard, hot sauce and cajun seasoning. It’s creamy and packed with cajun flavor, perfect for serving with gumbo!
Cajun Potato Salad Recipe
Cajun potato salad with a spoon.
Skillet Corn Bread
Homemade cornbread with a cajun twist! This cornbread is a little sweet, a little spicy, and moist. Made with buttermilk and jalapeños for a little kick.
Skillet Corn Bread Recipe
A stack of cajun cornbread on a plate.

Cajun Shrimp Deviled Eggs
Deviled eggs are a great appetizer to start off your gumbo dinner. Cajun shrimp deviled eggs have a creamy filling with New Orleans flavors topped with a juicy Cajun spiced shrimp. The best cajun twist on a classic deviled egg!
Shrimp Deviled Eggs Recipe
Cajun deviled egg on a platter topped with green onions.
Cajun Smothered Green Beans
These Louisiana smothered green beans are cooked down with bacon, smoked ham, onions, and garlic for a rich and savory flavor. They make the perfect side dish for your southern meal like gumbo.
Smothered Green Beans Recipe
Louisiana style smothered green beans over rice.
Blackened Green Beans
A spicy twist on your green bean side dish. Easy green beans side dish ready in 20 minutes! Blistered green beans are tossed in blackened seasoning, garlic, onions, and butter. Lots of flavor, little time.
Blackened Green Beans Recipe
Charred blackened green beans with cajun seasoning in a bowl.

Cajun Shrimp Cocktail
Cocktail shrimp with a Cajun twist. These plump and juicy shrimp are coated with Cajun spices and roasted, then dunked into a tangy homemade Cajun cocktail sauce. Quick and easy recipe that’s ready in under 20 minutes!
Cajun Cocktail Shrimp Recipe
Up close shot of Cajun cocktail shrimp topped with parsley and lemon zest with cocktail sauce.
Fried Okra
If your gumbo recipe doesn't use okra, you can still serve it on the side! This fried okra recipe is fresh sliced okra coated in buttermilk and a seasoned cornmeal mixture, then deep fried until golden brown.
Fried Okra Recipe
A plate of fried okra.
Best Coleslaw
Cool and creamy coleslaw is a great pair for the rich and hot gumbo. A classic coleslaw recipe with creamy dressing made in just 10 minutes! This creamy coleslaw is a great side dish that’s very easy to make.
Best Coleslaw Recipe
A bowl of coleslaw.

Southern Hush Puppies
Hush puppies are a popular appetizer for New Orleans area menus. These classic southern hush puppies are made with slightly sweetened cornmeal batter, diced sweet onions, and the perfect amount of spices.
Southern Hush Puppies Recipe
Hush puppies on a serving tray.
Easiest French Bread
Classic French bread is perfect for dunking in that dark gumbo broth. This bread recipe is GOLD. It’s made in the food processor, there’s no kneading at all, has a crackly crust, and soft creamy crumb.
Easiest French Bread Recipe
A loaf of french bread.
Perfect Baked Sweet Potatoes
Baked potatoes are a popular side dish for gumbo served by cajun and south Louisiana families. They are easy to make and round out a filling and satisfying meal.
Baked Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Baked sweet potato on a plate.

Muffuletta Sandwich
A classic New Orleans recipe! This muffuletta sandwich recipe has an olive mix, three Italian meats, provolone and swiss. This would be great as a part of a larger gumbo dinner spread. Cut it up into mini servings for an appetizer for gumbo.
Muffuletta Sandwich Recipe
A muffuletta sliced into 4 pieces.
Chargrilled Oysters
Are you craving the New Orleans taste of Chargrilled Oysters from Drago’s or Acme Oyster House? This simple chargrilled oysters recipe will satisfy you. Make them on your charcoal or gas grill (even in the oven) with a delicious butter and cheese topping spiked with Cajun spices.
Chargrilled Oysters Recipe
Char broiled oysters.
Fried Oyster Salad
Salads make a good side for gumbo since its a heavy dish, but adding some fried oysters makes it really special! Spicy and crunchy with a taste of the Gulf, New Orleans Fried Oyster Salad is an easy and delightful dish.
Fried Oyster Salad Recipe
Fried Oyster Salad

Fried Green Tomatoes
These are the best Fried Green Tomatoes, a famous Southern recipe. Dip into a creamy remoulade, buttermilk ranch dressing, or comeback sauce. A perfect appetizer for gumbo!
Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe
A plate of fried green tomatoes.
Easy Braised Southern Greens
Eating your leafy greens has never been more delicious–or easy! Bacon adds an extra punch of flavor to the turnip and mustard greens in Easy Braised Southern Greens that is both healthy and comforting!
Southern Greens Recipe
Braised southern greens.
5 Minute Lemon Arugula Salad
Gumbo is a labor of love, so make your side dishes easy! This arugula salad is ready in just five minutes! Features a quick homemade dressing with Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and olive oil. A nice light contrast to the rich gumbo.
Lemon Arugula Salad Recipe
Fresh arugula salad with parmesan.

Louisiana Dirty Rice
Indulge in the rich flavors of a Cajun classic with this Old-Fashioned Dirty Rice recipe. Discover authentic Louisiana cuisine with one-pot cooking.
Louisiana Dirty Rice Recipe
Dirty rice with a spoon.
Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad
This fresh and crisp salad makes a great side for serving with rich gumbo. Parmesan Brussels sprouts salad with shaved sprouts, fresh parmesan, and a light dressing.
Shaved Brussels Salad Recipe
Shaved brussels sprouts salad with pecans.
Crawfish Po’ Boy With Spicy Remoulade
If you’re having a big dinner party and cooking a spread, add this crawfish po’boy to your menu. This Cajun Crawfish Po’ Boy Sandwich combines crawfish tails cooked in a warm garlic butter sauce, served on a toasted baguette with a spicy homemade remoulade sauce.
Crawfish Po’ Boy Recipe
A crawfish po boy on a plate.

Roasted Maple Bourbon Bacon Brussels Sprouts
This Roasted Maple Bourbon Bacon Brussels Sprouts recipe is sweet, savory, smoky, and spicy with thick pieces of bacon! Adding some green veggies to your gumbo dinner is a great idea.
Bourbon Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe
A bowl of brussels sprouts with bacon.
Simple Italian Salad
Gumbo is rich so serving it with a salad is perfect. This Simple Italian Salad is loaded with olives, pepperoncini, red onion, and cherry tomatoes and tossed with a zesty Italian dressing.
Simple Italian Salad Recipe
Italian salad with shaved parmesan, tomatoes, onions, and croutons.
Roasted Sweet Potato Slices
These roasted sweet potato slices bake up so much faster than cooking them whole, and are a healthy side dish to pair with gumbo.
Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Sliced sweet potatoes.

Classic House Salad
A fresh house salad recipe made with spring mix, crisp veggies and balsamic dressing. Easy to make and perfect to serve alongside a delicious bowl of gumbo.
House Salad Recipe
House salad with tomatoes and cucumbers.
Caesar Salad
Recipe and tips for easy Caesar salad with homemade dressing and croutons. The perfect salad that everyone will love!
Caesar Salad Recipe
A bowl of caesar salad with croutons.
Easy Garlic Cheese Bread
This cheesy garlic bread is super delicious and cannot be easier to make. Turn a simple French loaf into the best garlic bread. Great for sopping up the leftover gumbo juice!
Garlic Bread Recipe
A slice of garlic bread.

Classic Southern Pecan Pie
A classic Southern Pecan Pie recipe with a rich, decadent filling and lots of sweet, buttery pecans. Pecan pie is a southern classic that goes great with gumbo for the perfect Sunday meal.
Pecan Pie Recipe
A slice of southern pecan pie with whipped cream.
New Orleans Pecan Pralines
his pecan pralines recipe has been beloved for decades. Whole snappy pecans in a candied sugar coating make a classic Southern tradition, native to New Orleans.
Pecan Pralines Recipe
New Orleans style pralines with pecans.
Old Fashioned Bread Pudding
This bread pudding recipe is so easy, traditional, and is the custard dessert recipe we all love! Plus, an optional vanilla sauce to drizzle on top!
Bread Pudding Recipe
Old Fashioned Bread Pudding
Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes
With crunchy pecans and a little bit of sweet brown sugar, these Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes will be your new favorite side dish at dinner.
Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Two sweet potatoes with butter, brown sugar and pecans.

More Gumbo Serving Ideas

There are some other things you might want around for serving gumbo!

More Cajun Recipes

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