Homemade Mango Pico  de Gallo

Why you'll love  this recipe:

- Pico de Gallo with a tropical flare - Super versatile - Perfect for those who aren't tomato fans - no tomatoes!


For this recipe you will need: mango, red pepper, jalapeño, red onion, fresh cilantro, limes, & salt.

The bulk of this recipe is prepping your veggies. Chop red pepper, and half a red onion into ¼ inch pieces. Finely dice jalapeño and cilantro.


Carefully chop the mango (don't cut yourself!). Hold the mango cheek in your hand with a thick towel for safety, & make crosswise cuts into the flesh - taking care not to cut through the skin.


Combine all ingredients well. Salt to taste. Mango pico de gallo tastes better after marinating in the fridge for an hour or two prior to serving.


This isn't just for chips - the possibilities are endless!  – Use on fish or shrimp tacos – Add with a rice bowl – Use for quesadillas – Serve on top of salmon or tuna steaks...& more!

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