How to dice a mango

Mangoes are juicy, delicious, and sweet, but they can be tricky to cut if you don't know how.  I'll show you how to dice your mango for snacking or for recipes like in mango salsa.

What you'll need

To cut a mango you will need: a cutting board, a sharp knife, a thick towel or oven mitt, and of course, a mango!

The mangoes have a flat oblong seed in the middle, with two fleshy parts (the "cheeks") on either side.


Hold the mango with the long side down, and stem pointing upwards. The seed will be perpendicular to your surface. Make a cut down, about ½ inch away from the center on the first side.


This leaves you with the first mango cheek! Set this piece aside, and continue holding the mango in place.


Next you make the same cut on the other side of the seed, about 1/2 inch away from the center. This leaves you with the other mango cheek.


You will be left with two fleshy mango cheeks, and the seed in the center part. You can cut away some flesh around the seed portion, but I usually use this part for snacking!


Hold the mango cheek in your hand with a thick towel for safety, and make crosswise cuts into the flesh. Be careful not to pierce through the skin. And be careful not to cut yourself!


Invert the mango so the cut pieces are sticking up. You can use a knife to carefully cut them off.


You can cut the diced pieces off as shown, leaving little cubes of sweet mango.


You can also take a large spoon and scoop out the mango pieces like you would with an avocado.


Now you're left with perfect mango chunks to use!  Great for smoothie bowls, salsa, and snacking.

Try this mango pico de gallo to use your new mango cutting skills! Perfect blend of sweet and spicy.