EASY corn salsa recipe

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Why you'll love this corn salsa

- It's easy! Only 5 minutes of prep time, ready in 15 minutes.  - Only 5 ingredients! - Pan roasting the veggies gives them an extra layer of flavor.

The best corn salsa!

This roasted corn salsa has a little heat from jalapeños, and fresh flavor from lime juice and fresh cilantro. It's great for topping tacos and burrito bowl. Use it as a side dish for enchiladas or grilled chicken!

corn salsa recipe

4 servings


prep time

cook time

total time

5 min

10 min

15 min


jalapeño red onion corn cilantro lime salt

Heat a cast iron skillet and roast corn, onions and peppers until a char develops. 

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Combine charred corn, peppers, and onions with cilantro and lime juice. Add salt to taste. 

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Serve this easy corn salsa as a taco topping, or a side dish for grilled chicken or shrimp!



shrimp tacos

serve it with

blackened chicken

Blackened shrimp

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