Baked Brie with Fig Jam & Caramelized Onions

Why you'll love  this recipe:

- Minimal effort - Maximum payoff - easy to make! - Ready in 30 mins. - Perfect for game day or a holiday appetizer.


For this recipe you will need: Brie cheese, fig jam, caramelized onions, walnuts, fresh rosemary, something to dip (I love a crusty baguette or apple slices for this!)

Make the caramelized onions. If you need an awesome recipe or tips and tricks, I have step by step instructions for the best caramelized onions.


Preheat oven to 375°F. Unwrap brie and add to a small cast iron skillet or baking dish. Add fig jam, caramelized onions, walnuts, and rosemary on top of the brie.


Bake for 15-25 minutes, until brie is melted and oozes when cut into. Serve with apple slices, baguette slices, crackers, etc


This baked brie recipe is perfect for a holiday appetizer, a dinner party, or just to eat by yourself - I won't judge! Check my post for more ideas and combinations.

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