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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup is a classic comfort food Here are some tips for making the most delicious chicken noodle soup. 

If you will be refrigerating or freezing some soup for later, it’s best to cook the pasta separately so you can store it separately from the soup. 

Cook the pasta separately


Cooking chicken with the bones creates a rich broth with so much extra flavor! After cooking, the bones will remove easily.

Use bone-in chicken


Searing the chicken prior to cooking it in the broth adds an extra depth of flavor. Don't forget to season it well!

Sear the chicken


Soup is all about the broth! Use homemade stock or a good quality brand for the best flavor.

Use good-quality chicken broth


To balance the soup, finish off with an acid like lemon juice. This helps balance the flavors and adds brightness to the final dish. 

Finish with an acid


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