So you need some help with writing recipe posts for your food blog?

You’ve come to the right place! As a fellow food blogger I understand the hundreds (millions?) of jobs we have to get done to keep our blogs running smoothly.

Even though we probably didn’t get into food blogging because we hate the work, there are inevitably some tasks we love doing more than others. Then there are some tasks we tend to fall behind on because we just don’t enjoy doing them.

I think it’s so important to recognize the tasks that drain us and outsource them to the people who can get them done efficiently. Then we can get back to doing those parts of being a food blogger that give us joy. 

I have been food blogging for over 2 years and have nailed down a search engine optimization system for my blog posts. I have several page 1 and number one spots on Google.

The competition out there is fierce, but through good keyword research and using the right SEO techniques in your posts, it is possible to climb the ranks.

Here’s what some of my clients have had to say.

Kyleigh from Barley and Sage“Omg you’re amazing!! Seriously, I’m so impressed! I’d definitely love to have you do some more!!

Jackie from Sweet Girl Treats“This is AMAZING! Thank you so much for all of your help and for your recommendations. I really appreciate it! I have so much to learn in the world of SEO and you have already helped so much.”

Chelsea from Chelsea Peachtree “Lauren, you are an angel on earth. This is so well written and well thought out. I am blown away by your abilities and creativity. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

What you get

  • Search engine optimized blog title
  • Body copy of recipe post, including intro paragraph, equipment descriptions, ingredient notes and explanations, recipe making tips
  • Competitor first page SERP research for LSI keywords
  • Optimized H2 and H3 titles
  • Appropriate word count based off competition research
  • FAQ section
  • Meta description
  • WordPress uploading and publishing, including inputting into your recipe card 
  • Internal linking to other appropriate recipes on your site
  • 2 rounds of edits and proofreading
  • SEO report, including suggestions

What I need from you

  • Finalized recipe (servings, time, ingredients, instructions, any pertinent tips or notes)
  • Photos ready for WordPress uploading
  • Any external links you want included

That’s it! I will take care of the rest for you.

Still on the fence? Shoot me an email and I’d love to answer any of your questions!